Wild Romance

Wild Romance 
1 Season, 16 Episodes
Wild Romance brings a fresh breath of air around the more serious-minded dramas as of late with it's well-casted leading and supporting roles. Both Lee Dong Wook (My Girl, Scent of a Woman) and Lee Si Young (Playful Kiss, Poseidon) switch gears from their more recent roles to that of a screwball comedy about a baseball player and his female bodyguard. Oh Man Suk (Hyena), Hwang Sun Hee (Sign, City Hunter), and Im Joo Eun (What's Up) make up the supporting cast of the next hit stars to look out for in 2012. Star baseball player, Park Mu Yeol of the Red Dreamers is notorious for his baseball prowess and bad temper. Yoo Eun Jae is a bodyguard and diehard fan of Mu Yeol's rival team, the Blue Seagulls. When Eun Jae's father has a drunken confrontation with Mu Yeol at a karaoke bar, Eun Jae winds up flipping Mu Yeol on his back and the video captured by an onlooker's cellphone becomes a hot topic. In order to save Mu Yeol's reputation and Eun Jae's job, Eun Jae must become Mu Yeol's personal bodyguard despite their burning hatred for each other. The further these two try to get apart, the closer they become as Mu Yeol and Eun Jae encounter countless experiences together.

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