Queen And I

Queen And I 
1 Season, 16 Episodes
1694, 20 years of Chosun Emperor Sook Jong's rule. One of the scribes to the emperor, Kim Boong Do, lost everything he had from a crisis within the royal family. He had since spent his days in preparation for his revenge. Then one fateful day arrived. As scandals began to spread about queen Jang Ok Jung, the emperor schemes to turn it all around. The leader of the south, Min Am quickly takes notice of the emperor's schemes and attempts to kill In Hyun Wang Hoo but is interrupted by Boong Do and decides to kill him also. The unfortunate Boong Do was in grave danger for his life but something very unexpected happens...he finds himself transported to a whole new era! 300 years later, Seoul 2012. A brand new actress in the business Choi Hee Jin goes to a casting session for the role of In Hyun Wang Hoo for an upcoming historical drama . But she witnesses Han Dong Min, the head of production's inappropriate behavior towards the candidates and leaves the casting session with anger. Instead of being appalled by Hee Jin's dismissal, Dong Min falls in love with Hee Jin and awards her with the role of In Hyun Wang Hoo to act along an unfamiliar male partner...the unfamiliar male partner who's always dressed in traditional outfits leaving strange remarks before disappearing from sight. Hee Jin thought he was just another crazy aspiring actor but little did she know, he is Boong Do transported from 300 years ago. The only thing that belonged to Boong Do was an ancient Buddhist talisman that, he believes, teleported him just before his death 300 years ago. This talisman happened to be a time machine that teleports when the life of the holder is in danger!

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