Verdict Revised

Verdict Revised 
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
Markus Haglund, 43 is a charismatic and brilliant legal mind, but a tormented, cynical human being. As a lawyer, he became a household name ten years ago when he defended an alleged murderer and got him off. Two days later the suspect raped and killed a young mother and her eight-year-old daughter. Markus quit practicing and spiraled out of control for years. Now he gives the course Verdict revised at the University of Uppsala. Together with his four talented and carefully selected law students, Fia Jnsson, Anna Sjstedt, Belal Al-Mukhtar, and Roger Andersson, Markus takes on cases involving convicted perpetrators who are believed to have been wrongfully convicted. As soon as they take on a case, dangerous forces are unleashed since the best way of proving ones innocence is to find the real perpetrator. Markus and his proteges strive fervently to solve mysteries and find the truth. But the journey there is often dangerous and paved with lies. Anna, Belal, Fia, and Roger all have their own reasons for wanting to take this particular course. Anna is a careerist with an upper-class background who sees Haglunds name on her CV as a ticket to the most prestigious legal positions. Fia is the idealist who has witnessed injustice up close and who is committed to helping the weak of society. Belal is the son of immigrant parents and the first in his family to get an academic degree. The former policeman Roger is drawn into the Groups first case when someone gives false evidence against him. Markus Haglunds primary motivation is the ambition to expose faults in the justice system, and thus snub the judicial authorities. Ensuring a never-ending source of conflict with Haglund is his ex-wife, State Prosecutor Ulrika Stiegler. Their personal war flares up anew when, in a live TV interview, he questions her judgment in the case of a young immigrant falsely accused of beating a person to death.

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