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Prince Harry: Las Vegas Nude Photos

08/23/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in News

SEXUAL: Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's Intimacy Coach

08/22/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in Videos

Acoustic Covers of Adels's Someone Like You

08/16/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in News


“Someone Like You” must be a song of 2012, following behind Adele’s hit song “Rolling in the Deep” which won “Song of the Year” in Grammy 2012. This song is brilliant, but what’s the real story behind Someone Like You.  

Will the World End in 2012?

08/15/2012 | Posted by Tiffany Alber in Videos

What will do if you know it is true that the world will end in 2012? There are so many extreme weather and droughts happened worldwide in 2012. You may watch the video as bellows. Maybe we should just prepare for it. How about making a wish list.

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The Sexy and Naked Photos of Lady Gaga

08/15/2012 | Posted by Escorcia in News

Finding Nemo Quotes

08/15/2012 | Posted by Tiffany Alber in Videos

Pixar are planning for the Finding Nemo 2. Do you remember the quotes from Finding Nemo anymore? Which one do you like most, Dory, Marlin or the Sharks?

Sweet Love Lyrics - Chris Brown

08/13/2012 | Posted by Monique in Song Lyrics

Chris Brown’s song Sweet Love lyrics and mp3 is free here for enjoy. The Palow Da on produced “Sweet Love” displays Chris’ ever-growing sexuality and toasted six pack! Enjoy and download the Chris Brown Sweet Love MP3 lyrics here.

The London Olympics 2012 may be doomed to be a game for fun. This enjoyment started from its very beginning of the Opening Ceremony. During the playing of Vangelis’ nearly obligatory Chariots of Fire, Bean appeared on camera as a part of the performance. 

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