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Acoustic Covers of LMFAO's Sexy And I Know It

08/23/2012 | Posted by Ranee Zhang in News

If anyone who had never seen the music video of I am sexy and I know it. Please hand up. Ok, let me explain a little more for those good girls. It went viral quickly on YouTube. The music video on YouTube was flagged for sexual content. Now it has 245,070,269 views. Wow~ Let’s watch the original MV again.


Today, I find some acoustic covers of this song for you.

Noah's Unique Acoustic Twist Cover

Just when you thought you really didn’t want to hear “Sexy and I Know It” ever again as long as you lived, along comes a cover that changes your mind.

Noah, an aspiring singer from South Carolina, covered this song and posted to his YouTube Chanel on May 9. The unique cover has taken the internet by storm and been viewed nearly 400,000 times. Moreover, Ryan Seacrest, editors at Glamour shared Noah’s link on his Facebook page.


We are Nasa and we know it

This video has those blue polo shirt-wearing engineers dancing and singing and doing what I’d imagine happened after the cameras turned off once the Curiosity landed.

Personally, this is my favorite version. The guy with star in head is cute and Nasa girl is hot.


Steve Kardynal's Sexy and He Knows It!!

He is famous now. Check his Facebook and you will see how popular he is. Steve Kardynal said if he died today, he would be dead sexy. OK, you can check how sexy he is. 


Now, it is your turn to comment which one you like best. XOXO