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Gangnam Style Song Lyrics [MP3 Download]

09/17/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in Song Lyrics

View the song lyrics of Gangnam Style and download Gangnam Style mp3 for free.


Innocence Of Muslims Video Download

09/14/2012 | Posted by Cecilia Massy in News


Transsexual Contract Killer: Hit & Miss

09/04/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in Videos

The British TV show Hit & Miss is a story about a transsexual contract killer who discovers she has a child with her former lover.


Kate Upton’s HOT & SULTRY Commercials

09/04/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in Videos

Top 12 Funny Baby Videos

09/03/2012 | Posted by Ranee Zhang in Videos

funny baby videos

Do you need to laugh or do you feel unhappy. Now just give yourself two minutes to pick a video bellow to watch. I am sure you will laugh. LOL

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Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen are having such a "Good Time" - their duet rises 13-9 to become each artist's second Billboard Hot 100 top 10 - that they're practically speechless. Watch the music video and download Good Time MP3 for free

Free Music of the Week: Covers by Boyce Avenue

08/28/2012 | Posted by Sylvia Massy in Videos

The 2nd viewed band on YouTube behind Linkin Park, Boyce Avenue is loved by their fans. For me, my first know to them is the cover of Adele’s Someone Like You. What an impressive performance that couldn’t help to listening more songs of them. The voice and the pitch may not as strong as the original ones, but the peace always comforts me.

Acoustic Covers of LMFAO's Sexy And I Know It

08/23/2012 | Posted by Ranee Zhang in News

Which ascoustic covers of Sexy and I Know It do you like best? I am sexy and I know it. Hoho~

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